Thursday, January 18, 2018

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A Word from Pastor Janet

To all friends, and those who are slightly curious:

One of my favorite church signs says, “This church is not full of hypocrites.  There is room for more.”  What I appreciate most is the self-deprecating humor and the honesty.  We are hypocrites, falling short of our calling in Christ on a regular basis.  We are not full; there is room for more.

In a time when Christians are more well-known for public moral failures, condemning the sins of others, and our hypocrisy, it is no wonder that the life-changing message of God’s unconditional love for everyone gets lost.  In a time when the best way to feel better about one’s self is to put others down, it is no surprise that we are accepted by God as we are gets drowned out.  I appreciate why some decide to have nothing to do with the church.  I also appreciate that the good news of God’s love for the world is relevant for our time. 

I also know that I and the people of Shepherd UMC are living in grace.  We are practicing Christ-followers.  We are always learning what it means to follow Jesus’ way of living in this world.  Sometimes we do pretty good at it; other times, not so much.  Sometimes we build up God’s good reputation, sometimes we damage it.  Sometimes we love each other unconditionally, sometimes we do not.  At times we serve others without hesitation, sometimes we question whether we should. 

All that said, here we are by God’s grace, hoping to make the world a better place.  If you are looking for a church home, do not expect to find perfect people or a perfect pastor here!  What you will find when you come through the doors are people growing in grace.  What you will find is a loving and accepting community of Christians.  You may find a place to apply your skills and passions in serving others.  You may find we are the people God sent you to so that you have companions to walk with you on your faith journey.  What you may find is a group of people loving Christ, loving neighbors near and far, and willing to love you as you are.  Check us out.  We may be hypocrites, and you might feel right at home with us.  There is plenty of room for you. 

Peace for the Journey,

Pastor Janet Larner

Our Mission and Vision

The mission  of Shepherd United Methodist Church is to make deciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

The vision of Shepherd United Methodist Church is:

To be an inviting and welcoming congregation committed to:

  • sharing the love of God 
  • building meaningful relationships within the community
  • serving the needs of people locally and globally

                                                     Revised January, 2016

Lord's Mountain Orphanage







  • Next Sunday, February 10 is Mission Sunday and the Missions/Outreach Team has designated Lord’s Mountain Orphanage in Zambia as the recipient of money in special envelopes included in your bulletin. The director of the orphanage, Pastor Bernard Lumene spoke to us in November and we were deeply moved by his story and his commitment to and love for the children. Financial assistance is needed to enable this important ministry to continue! We pray that you will consider bringing money for the orphanage to put in special offering envelopes on February 10.


  • To show our appreciation to our church family for supporting mission projects in 2012, the Missions/Outreach Team is sponsoring a soup and dessert luncheon next Sunday, February 10 at 11:45 a.m. (immediately after Sunday School).  Table service, drinks, a variety of soups, and desserts will be furnished--just bring yourself and enjoy the fellowship.  During the meal, a brief video will be shown highlighting Lord’s Mountain Orphanage in Zambia, recipient of Mission Sunday money during the worship service on February 10. We hope you will join us! 


  • We are excited to announce another opportunity to support Lord’s Mountain Orphanage. We received a list of desired items for the children from Pastor Bernard, which includes specific high school textbooks, storybooks, coloring books, exercise books, dictionaries, school supplies, basketballs & basketball ring, and volleyball & volleyball net. A shipping container is being sent to United Methodist missionaries, Rev. Delbert & Sandy Groves in Zambia that allows us free shipping to the orphanage if we get the items to Florida by March 15. If you are interested in helping with this project, please sign your name next to one or two desired items posted on the hallway bulletin board. Thank you!!!

Early Spring

This picture was taken in early spring 2013 when the pear trees were blooming. DSC01997

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